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Welcome to Bird Clubs of Virginia


Bird Clubs of Virginia

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Each year the Bird Clubs of Virginia holds a Convention as part of its goal to provide education to aviculturists and to support avian research and conservation.

Bird Clubs of Virginia is a non-profit federation of Virginia clubs. Our mission is:
To initiate educational and aviary management programs in cooperation with the member clubs comprising and supporting BCV.

To encourage the sharing of information, educational activity, and support of avicultural, conservation and veterinary research.

To pursue passive legislative goals relating to the management of exotic birds and aviaries at national, state and local levels.

To enhance the status and management of member clubs.

To support bona fide avian research projects in or out of the state from proceeds of our state conventions, seminars, and other resources.

To cooperate with like federations in other states in matters of mutual interest.

2014 Convention


סדנאות שוקולד

Thank you for checking in with us! We hope you and your birds are doing well. 

Although there will not be a BCV event in 2013, we will be gathering in Raleigh, North Carolina in August to support the American Federation of Aviculture's convention. (www.afabirds.org)
BCV will be sponsoring three shopping spree's at the AFA convention! We encourage you to visit us!

We are currently planning our next event for 2014, in Virginia.
Thank you for you interest and continued support of Bird Clubs of Virginia.
Please email us with any  thoughts or suggestions you may have.

Hope to see you in Raleigh this August!
Bird Clubs of Virginia Board of Directors


Call for Papers 2014

Call for Papers for 2014

We invite you to submit a proposal to present a paper at our Annual BCV Convention in 2014. Proposals should be submitted in the form of an abstract, accompanied by a brief biographical sketch identifying the author’s experience with the topic to be presented and other relevant information.

Submissions should be sent to email

Bird Clubs of Virginia

Bird Clubs of Virginia

P.O. Box 26381

Richmond, VA. 23260