Thirty years ago, Dick Ivy had a dream. 
That dream became reality and Bird Clubs of Virginia was formed.

Through the years, BCV has taught us about nutrition, behavior, husbandry, different species, veterinary basics, disease updates, and so much more. 

For thirty years BCV has educated and entertained us. BCV has given us a forum to make friends and meet our hobby's experts, face to face.

BCV has brought us this far. Now the time has come for us to leave the nest. Please continue educating yourself.
Support your local bird clubs. Join a specialty organization. Join AFA, the American Federation of Aviculture. Stay aware of legislation locally and nationally that will affect your right to keep your birds and other pets.

Through BCV,  I have made a lot of friends, and lost a few. All of you have made a difference in my life.  I will always treasure my time spent here.

Please keep the friendships you have found. For your birds sake, don't let the technology of today be your only source of contact with us bird folks. 

Speaking for BCV  Board members, past and present,  thank you for your support and dedication. 
It's been a great flight!


Carol Woodson